Bye Bye to the Hipster Pasar Santa?


Untuk udah pernah kesana :p dan overrated


The hipster market at Pasar Santa has always seemed a bit suspect to Unspun.

When hipster “entrepreneurs” started setting up shops at the upper floor of the badly constructed building, Unspun, made the pilgrimage to have a look at what the fuss was about.

What Unspun found there were a seemingly vibrant atmosphere. Seeming because there were the trappings of youthful energy, creativity and entrepreneurship – a very sexy word these days – mushrooming around the top floor of the largely underused market. There were artisanal coffee shops, ice cream shops all sorts of food that was chic such as black dogs – charcoal infused bread with the usual wiener – retro record shops, handcrafted shoes, T shirts and whatevers.

You’d be forgiven if you thought you were witnessing nothing less than a Renaissance of Indonesian creativity and entrepreneurship was taking place.

But if you looked at the spectacle beyond…

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