The memory of Graduation


Hi, everybody, how are you? I hope it is a fine day for you today.

Let’s get to the point now. This writing you read today is about the memory of graduation. What I remember of my graduation is about what will I become when I graduate. Thinking that I will become somebody’s worker who work under waged is depressing. Thus, I took a chance that day to become a fast track student. Fast track is a program from the ministry of Education that facilities student to earn their bachelor and master degree in 5 years. So, I must continue to study for about 1.5 years more to get my master degree.

See, instead of really thinking of what will I do after graduation, I postponed it. 😦 The galau is never cured until today though.

The first term of my master study is quite exciting. I still get along with my college buddies from the batch of 2008. It was their last term so lots of them work on their bachelor thesis, while I was working too in my master proposal thesis. My master proposal thesis not as hard as theirs, so in doing my own work, I come to nearly disturb my friends by making them ask me for advice for writing their thesis, or make them telling me stories about how their thesis progressed. Hehe, I really sorry for my friend, it was the last time we really able to chit-chat over our common things.

I spent the end of the term with my college buddies in Formal Method laboratories. We worked on a student project that involves each other thesis topic, so we discussed a lot. In my free time I sometime doodling in the white board. I remember drawing this:


These are a picture of crystal (actually looks like a diamond), fountain, and tree wearing graduation hat. At that time I just spontaneously drawing them and thought, “Well, I think this is a good drawing, and each of them has some meanings too. I’ll just snatched a picture of it and maybe the future me will figured something out about this picture”.

My wish that day comes true. I figured out what each drawing means. Each symbols what a graduated student passion is. Crystal symbols a student that is a product of education as a high quality worker. Crystal of knowledge is like a weapon that we can use when we work by giving the best for our company we worked on. Crystal people will become the company valuable assets.

Tree symbols a graduated student who have passion in giving life to others and giving meaningful aspect to its surroundings just like trees producing Oxygen and beautify its surroundings. The tree symbols entrepreneurship.

The last is fountain. It overflows to fill up other places. Giving nutrition to the tree to fully grown, and polished the crystal to shine so bright. The fountain symbols teacher. Teacher makes new teacher, new entrepreneur, and polished high quality worker.

This drawing actually helps me in deciding what my passion is. I like to become a tree. However, this current state of our nation is not suitable for me to fully grown as an entrepreneur, thus I must lived now as a crystal.

In order to start my business life. I make a t-shirt with each symbol. Will you buy it for you or for your ‘will be’ graduated relatives? I’m so happy if this t-shirt designs become real t-shirts and worn by many people.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 23.48.29 Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 23.48.43 Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 23.48.56What symbol pictures your passion the most? Share it through comments. 🙂