Use Regex makes you have n problem


A computer science student try to solve his problem by using regex. Now he has two problems.
He asks his friend to help him with the regex problem. His friend is willing to help of course. He uses a finite state machine to help debug the regex. Now they have 3 problems.
They ask another friend to help them do the debug by creating a program to automate the process. The friend help them of course. He uses formal methods as the methodology and now they have 4 problems. It’s getting dark and they didn’t eat since their first lunch. Now they have 5 problems. They now realize, the security is already locked up the building and they trapped in that building until morning. Now they have 6 problem. I know I too exaggerated the story but it seems I have no problem. Problem?


Daily stand up meeting


Pabos, aku lagi cape nih, stand up meetingnya bisa sambil duduk ga.

Yaudah kita meetingnya duduk aja.

Beberapa menit kemudian.
Pabos, kok jadi sit up gini sih. :”( *ngos2an*

Kamu sih, maunya duduk. Bukannya “stand up meeting” jadi “sit up meeting” deh. Ya udah ayo lanjut. Budi.. *ngosh* apa yg kamu mau kerjakan hari ini. #SFX *uh… ngosh*
*teler semua*