A poet for a tiring day


I have bad looks
I am poor
I am an idiot
I cant do anything right
My life’s full of selfishness
I cant stop blaming myself
I feel death is the solution
The drug for me to heal my pain
Theres no reason for me to live the day anyway
Since the day hated me
I am alone

I started to abandoning its existence

And now,
Not just hating me
It’s now eating me too
“My heart will not listen to you”, said I
I run and run away from it

But wait,
Where ever I go
The day still caught me
It’s never stop to show me the reality

At one time…
The day cries,
It is never been like that before
It is really so sad..
The day asked me why I run away from it.
I keep quite
Why’d you hating me then, replied me with another question
It’s sob louder…

The day answering:
I hated u,
Because you are regretting my existence
I hated u,
Because you think you don’t need me anymore
I hated u,
Because the sun I gave to you, the air you breath, the water you drink, you think they are all cheap

I hated u,
Because at the time I gone
You’ll not even say thanks to me


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